Monday, 7 April 2014

My Week (...kinda) via Instagram!

OK so im cheating a little as some of these are pre last week, some are this week but what with the gap in between of no internet its just a little catch up of the pics ive shared lately put it that way! lol
The time has come for the bags to be packed, after a scare when the midwife said I was measuring 38 wks and someone suggested twins I caved and packed my bag! lol 
 I did have a scan though and Amelia was measuring 34 wks and 3lb 15oz which means she may be a couple of weeks early like Evie - so exciting!! :)
My 33 week bump!
 Jacob bought me a huge box of chocolates with his birthday money and said I had to only eat one per day and they would hopefully last until Amelia got here (needless to say the kids couldn't resist and we now have an empty box and no little sister yet!!) haha
 Packing 100 easter eggs with sweets ready for the hunt this weekend - we are having it a week early at mums so that I can edit the posts and get up lots of lovely giveaways for my fab readers :)
 29th saw Jacobs 11th birthday, I completely blame this little man for getting me into crafting all those years ago as it was his birth that had me searching the internet for how to make my own birth announcements....the rest is history and this boy has my heart! :) 
 My lifesaver at the minute - I swear if heartburn is an indication of hair on a baby - im having a MONKEY!!
 This was me wearing make up and leaving the house for the first time in SO long - SPD is a nightmare and means I don't get out much anymore, the pain of walking is just too much after a little while so its easier to stay indoors.  To get out was lovely though and it needed celebrating with a little make up!! lol
 I took this picture of Evie playing minecraft in bed one night and it was only when I looked at the picture of me above and this one of her that I realised how much alike we both are.  I adore this little girl so much and just know shes going to be a fabulous big sister soon :)
That about sums up my last couple of weeks, I have lots of giveaways coming up and some fabulous promotions so hope you stick around :)

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  1. My daughter had SPD when she was carrying her daughter. It does get better but don't worry if it takes a while. I realise now that I soffered with it when carrying my youngest child 40+ years ago but it hadn't been named then and I think the doctors believed I was making it up.


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