Thursday, 19 February 2009

Kiddy day out...

Today was the day the kids have been waiting for... they were told if they behaved this holiday week, then the first fine day, we could go into town and spend the day doing things they wanted to :)

First off was a stop at the juice bar for homemade chocolate milkshakes.

A stop at the £1 shop to pick up something each (they were so excited to spend one of their own £1 coins from their pocket money - it was lovely to see this when so many kids rant and rave for expensive things!) Im hoping they will learn to appreciate money and not just 'expect' it.

Then we stopped for brunch, this waiting for something to eat is hard work you know - ok so cooked breakfast isnt on my diet but i couldnt really sit there while the kids had theirs could i!! lol

Then we headed to see Bolt - cool film and worth seeing but there were horrid black lines all down the screen which kind of spoiled it! I complained once we got outside and was suprised to see there was only one other lady there who was mentioning it too. We got free tickets to see Hotel for Dogs next week so fingers crossed that one is ok :)

All in all a good day xxx


  1. Hotel for Dogs is a great film, took Holly to see it on Tuesday its really good! x

  2. Great post. I've heard good things about Bolt, i think we'll have to wait to see it on Dvd though. x

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day! What a darling picture!

  4. My boys adored bolt :) great movie xx


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