Wednesday, 11 February 2009

More instructions, more boxes and more cards..

Ok, so i will share the more boxes bit as soon as the glues dry and i can take a decent pic in tomorrows light :D
Here are some more instructions for the cupcake box below, i hadnt realised you couldnt see the dimensions properly in the photo so hopefully even without the photograph these guidelines should help :)

Take a piece of 12x12 paper and draw a line from top to bottom 3 inches in from the left hand side.
Draw another line parallel to this 2 3/4 inches over to the right, and another 3 inches after that.
You should now have one 3 inch column, one 2 3/4 inch column and a final 3 inch column (there will be space on the right hand side which can be discarded now.)
Draw a horizontal line across the parallel lines in the following order working up from the bottom.
2 3/4 inch then from that line...
2 3/4 inch then from that line...
2 3/4 inch then from that line...
2 3/4 inch then from that line there should be 1/4 inch left which is the piece of the lid you tuck into the box to keep the lid closed.
The sides that are 3 inches wide need to be scored at the 2 3/4 inch mark, this leaves a little lip that is folded in on its self for the lid to rest on.
Score all of the other lines too. This can be done with a scoring tool either on the end of a trimmer or scoring board. If you have neither of those then carefully fold along all of the lines and gently rub against the creases so they hold position.
Open back out and now you need to cut away some of the excess. Place it back in front of you the way that it initially was - with the 1/2 inch marker at the top. Have a look at picture 1 on my blog and it will show that i left a little extra at either side of the score lines which are to secure the sides against the back etc - these can be as big as you like - you could even leave the extras the same size as the sides so that it is completely reinforced.
The window is cut 1 1/2 inches either side of the final two 2 3/4 boxes to create a 3 inch window. (see pic 1 on my blog)
Round the edges of the 1/2 lip which will make it tuck into the box easier.

Hope that makes the overall structure simpler :) Give me a yell if you have any questions.

I received Spiral Bouquet today from PTI and its gorgeous! Here is a card i made with one of the stamps. I created my own background with 1 stamp, added a little Basic Grey, some buttons and a PTI sentiment. The background twinkles with different coloured stickles and they look like little berries!


  1. Hi,

    just to let you know I am awarding you the Lemonade Award! Congrats!
    Come visit my blog to collect your award.

  2. This card is so beautiful! Love it!

  3. How beautiful! I love the paper and the buttons!!!

  4. i love how've you done your background will defo be trying that one out :) x thanks for sharing

  5. Hi Debbie! Lovely that PTI set! Your cupcake box is adorable too! Thanks for sharing the how tos!


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