Friday, 17 July 2009

OMGoodness Im in the top 10!!

OMGoodness ive made the top 10 of Gallery Idol!! EEK!! Thank you so much for the support :) The next round is buttons so im going to get my thinking cap on - its to be uploaded by 9am MST on Monday so i know what i will be doing this weekend! lol

Sorry for the lack of update yesterday but this house has been manic lately!! Scott was a superstar in the school production of Bugsy Malone - not only did he have a part......he had the star roll!! So much for him to learn and in an amazingly acurate American accent too (i believe we can credit the cartoons and sit coms for that!) LOL

Twix escaped yesterday and ended up spending the night out in the rain, not a good thing for a housecat. DH left the kitchen window ajar to let some air in (its so warm!) and the cats pushed it open and escaped! Crunchie came straight back in but Twix disapeared!! We finally resigned ourselves to the fact he must have been hiding from the horrid rain somewhere and went to bed, getting up at 6.30 to start the search again! He came waddling out of a bush, soaked to the bone, looking and feeling awfully sorry for himself! Guess he wont do that again in a hurry!

Ive just finished reading The Shack and would highly recommend it to anyone. Whether you are a believer or not this is a fantastic story and yes ive started it again straight away! It really does make you think and in so many places i cried, laughed and wanted to walk along side them.

For now im giving up on tutorial Thursdays and will just upload as and when i have them done - may be once a fortnight, may be 5 times a week who knows!! There are so many exciting things happening right now i just darent promise something im not sure i will be able to keep!


  1. Congrats Debbie on the Top 10! I was so happy to see your name and card! your little man is so cute, hope he has fun! Can't wait to see what you come up with for Monday!

  2. It's so exciting seeing you get through all of these rounds, top 10 is such an achievement and I really do think you have it in you to go all the way. I can understand why you are now on a 'as and when' basis with your tutorials, it must be such a stretch balancing home and craft life! I will keep looking in as always and it will just be a huge bonus if you've put something on.
    Have a great weekend
    ps Bugsy looks great!!!

  3. Congrats and I'll be looking for the new entries next week!

  4. Well done hon! Love the cats names lol. Lou x

  5. Ooooh I'm so excited for you Hun - there's no reason why you shouldn't go all the way to the top! How cute is your little man? Awww... xxx

  6. OMG! Congratulations!!! You totally deserve it, your cards rock!! Can't wait to see what fun you'll have with buttons - ooooh the possibilities....
    You're little one looks fab too! We've got Bugsy Malone as our Xmas production - I can't wait!

  7. Top 10 and deservedly suprise here hun xxxxx

  8. Whoo hooo Congrats on top 10!!!

    Yes, I read The Shack. Loved the book! Def. would recommend it to others as well:)

  9. Congratulations on your gallery idol advances!
    I just wanted to comment on the Shack...I too loved that book. If I can recommend a good book to you, try Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers ~ it's awesome!


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