Thursday, 2 July 2009

Tutorial Thursday No 4 - On the case....

Hehe get it?? On the case - i think the kids humour is rubbing off on me! ;)

Ok ladies here you go! This week i have designed a fab little suitcase, picnic hamper, gift box that would work for both men and women (imagine a brown leather look briefcase and slip a little something in there for your nearest and dearest - or even a list of jobs to keep him busy while you craft! lol) You can attach handles to the top, ribbon to keep it closed, brads and a little wrap around cord etc - the possibilities are endless and im sure you will have fun making lots of different variations :)

You need to start with a 8.5x11 piece of cardstock (either patterned or plain depending on if you want to decorate when youre finished). Fold in half and score.
If you are using the Ultimate score board (always butting the edge against the handle section) you need to line your old up with the 5' square fold mark and score at both lines either side. **If you are working with a scoring tool and ruler you need to measure and score at 1' either side of your initial score line.
Move your initial fold up to the half fold A4 line and then score down the Gatefold A5 line. **From the last scoreline you made (not the initial one), using a ruler measure and score at 3' and 4' marks - ignore bit below which is doing the last line on the ultimate which you have just scored. Just turn and do the same for the other side making both sides of your initial scoreline identical*
Move this score line to the gatefold A4 mark and score again down the gatefold A5 line. Turn and do the same for the other side making both sides identical.
Turn your paper portrait and score down the gatefold A5 line at both sides. **Score 2 1/4 inches in from either side.
Score now at 1' from that line and 1' again leaving a 1/4' margin to be trimmed off. **From the 2 1/4 inch line make two more score lines at 1' each - leaving 1/4' gap margin to be trimmed off.

Fold and score all of these lines to give them a sharp finish. Trim off the pieces as shown below (if you have followed my other tutorials etc this will be a breeze) :)
Place double sided tape on all of the bits to be folded in and over.
Do one half of the box at a time. Fold the side reinforcements in on the sides and bring the outer side pieces up and over. Same for the front and the first section should look like below.
Do the same for the top section and you should have what resembles a little open suitcase :)
To make the barrier for inside cut a strip of sturdy card 10'. Score at 3' from both edges. Place inside box and trim if necessary.
Once youre happy with the fit you can scallop the edge (i did mine with scissors as the card i used was too thick for the punch!) Fasten into the box with double sided tape.
Make sure your box closes securely - you can add your handles etc if you are wanting it to be more secure. The lid however does stay shut with just the insert keeping it in place.
Decorate as you wish and enjoy :)
Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and please link back if you want to when you use it so i can see your creations :)
Im off to the garden to see if the hens have laid more eggs - half a dozen a day is getting impossible to use so im going to go deliver some to the neighbours :) Enjoy the sun xxx


  1. Debbie ... this is gorgeous! What a clever little box!

    Teri xx

  2. So nice to see that purple scoring tool box in action! I've been tempted to get one, so now we'll see!

  3. Hi Debbie,
    I've been having a good look around your blog - how talented are you!!!
    I'm new to the whole papercrafting world but already i love it and cant get enough.
    This little box is amazing and has given me some great ideas.
    What an inspiration.
    Take Care - Julie xx

  4. Love it! It's adorable! :D


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