Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Save the Date.....

My lovely cousin, Laura, is getting married next year and requested some save the date notices to be sent out. I hadnt heard of them before but theyre a fab idea, its a little note to stick on the calender so that people reserve that date ready for the actual invitation coming through :) Theres the information at the back, the blue which is their wedding colour card in the middle, then embossed Save the Date front cover. I thought it would be a little more special if i boxed and tissued them ready to give to Laura to post out - i popped one on the front so that she can see what its like finished off :)Aint forward planning cool!! lol

Laura, Jonathan and my little Ethan (he adores them both!) photo taken last summer at nanas birthday party :) I cant believe how much they have all changed in just one year!

5 more packs of buttons and 2 ink pads arrived this morning to add to my growing wondering if i can reach the roof by the time i have all the colours - PTI please stop bringing out such yummy colours and let me catch up with whats already out first!! lol


  1. What a good idea. I might just have to steal this one!! It's far to early to send out invites for next Sep, but I just want to start doing something!!!! You've made a lovely job of them, and I hope she asks for your help with all the other things, invites, favors, place settings etc. so I can get a peek at those too. Ethan is sooooo cute, he's going to break some hearts when he's older. Jane xx

  2. What a cool idea - and a perfect excuse to get crafting ;D
    I had a lovely package arrive on my doorstep too this morning - will I ever manage to curb my PTI addiction? I've nearly run outta room! LOL! Drooling over the amount of inkpads you've got - I've only got the dinky cubes!

  3. I think the save the date thing must be an american concept? I did them for my wedding 5 years ago as we had overseas guests that needed to book flights ahead of time! I wasn't so crafty though and had them printed, lol!

    I think I need to get the Papertrey Chocolate ink!!!


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