Thursday, 24 September 2009

...and breathe...

Im back. I havent been too well and had to have an early scan today, i bled on monday so we needed to get checked out to make sure all was ok with little pod. We were gelled up and shoved around and a little heartbeat was detected, pod is 24mm and theres just the one! lol All is fine, i have a slight bleed above the sac but its nothing major and may just be part of the bedding in process - tell you something it didnt half shock me as ive never had this with any of the others!

Phew........and breathe.........

Normal service will resume soon!!


  1. so pleased all is well for you debbie :) x

  2. oh good. Keep well Deb. I had bleeds throughout both my pregnancies and they turned out just fine :)

  3. Phew indeed, Take it easy and put your feet up,
    S.J. xxx

  4. Hi there. : ) I love your blog, your work, your stories. -When I read this post. . .I just had to comment. . ."I'm glad all is well. Take care. . .we'll add you to our prayers and good thoughts. : )"

  5. so glad all is well, take care, get plenty of rest! hugs Debx

  6. Happy to hear all is well with the little pod, and you of course! Get plenty of rest and take care of yourself. We can wait...impatiently but we will =) Hope your feeling up to par soon!

  7. Glad your little one and you are ok my lovely xXx

  8. Glad all is ok with the little one. I think my friend had a similar thing with her first baby - and now that baby is 3! xxxx

  9. Goodness! So glad all is well with you now - take it easy and get plenty of rest


  10. Glad to hear all is well. I've bled in all my pregnancies - and is truely horrible experience (lost 4, kept 3). Its a good sign to see bubs and heartbeat! Take it easy.

  11. debbie please take it easy and rest for these first few months!!!you and the babys health is paramount!
    anna xx

  12. Keep safe and take care of each other, so pleased all is well xx


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