Monday, 21 September 2009


I think ive found a new passion! lol
Can jam/jelly/relish making be called a passion??
Either way i dont mind - im loving it and will probably have enough to last us a life time but at the minute i cant understand why i wasnt doing this all along instead of paying a fortune a jar at a time! It tastes so much nicer, fresher and a little more satisfying knowing ive done it myself :)
Fresh cut marmalade....Apple sauce/butter........just for the fun of it some cupcakes......yumm!! I have now put the screw caps on the jars and im quite excited about decorating them ready to store......any excuse to craft! lol
Does anyone have any handed down recipes for jams etc that i can make - i am working my way through books at the minute but theres something special about those tried and tested family recipes :)


  1. I use Saint Nigella for marmalade and jam...and yes it can be a passion - I love chutney and jam making...chutney is more enjoyable as its not so scientific whilst cooking!!!
    ps please rest a bit xxx

  2. yummy!!!

    I love the little calender with sentiments on it, can you let me know what it's called - i'd love one for next year xxxx

  3. Oooh Debbie. What a jammy goddess you're becoming! I'm jealous. I fancy a nice recipe for Caramelised red onion chutney. Do you know of a good one?

    And I wouldn't say not to a cupcake ;-) xxx

  4. I love to make jam and lemon curd. I never buy it at the shops. I'm usually lucky enough to get free fruit too, makes it even more satisfying. I love to see the jars standing there like large jewels with their lovely colours.

  5. Debbie

    The WI book of Jams and Chutneys is brilliant. All the recipes in it are great - even had my guides make chutneys for christmas. If I find my copy I'll let you have the correct title.

  6. Here is a recipe from and old family recipe book dated 1862!
    Grape jam
    'The grapes ought not to be very ripe.They should be carefully picked.and all that are at all injured should de rejected.To 1lb of grapes add half 1lb of sugar;no water but what hangs after them after they have been washed.Put a layer of sugar,then a layer of grapes.Boil on a moderate fire,stirring it all the time,to prevent it burning'It also has a recipe for Barberry jam whatever they are?!


  7. i will send you a scrummy green tomato and apple chutney! divine with mature chedder, yummy!!


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