Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Birthday Ice Cream Bar!

Scott turned 12 yesterday and when i asked him if he wanted a themed tea he said straight away that camouflage/army theme would be cool!
I set it up so that they could get a dish of chocolate icecream and then fill the bowl with fruit, sweets, sauces etc...
I made the goodie bags at the front with Bo Bunny Roughin It Collection, Papertrey Ribbon and name tags. These were to hold the crawling soldiers, soldier bubbles and as many sweets as they could eat! lol Most of the themed party goodies game from a fab store...Fun Party Supplies
I made the cake too - i was asked for a sniper on a hill. 2 sponge cakes, 1 chocolate cake, a mountain of green butter icing and 2 boxes of chocolate fingers later it was done! Scott thought it was 'cool' so thats all that matters! lol The lollies were covered with the Bo bunny Roughin it papers and the boys names. Each of the labels were backed with the same papers.
Scott wants to join cadets and go into the army when he leaves school....it makes my heart ache but i came to realise it was something he was serious about when he made a comment to a friend of mine. Her nephew was killed in Afghanistan and Scott said to her that he would always be remembered as a hero. My heart aches but is so proud at the same time.


  1. What a FANTASTIC party! I want to know from where it is that you buy this 'magic' you have...surely you have magic powers to get all this done and more?!! Hee hee.

    What a great job you're doing with Scott too, he sounds a great guy and so sensible and caring. xxxx

  2. Hi Debbie,

    Wow!!! This table is amaaaaazing!!! The theme is very original and I totally love what you did with that! Must have challenged you quite a bit, but what an amazing result!! I love that you combined sweet with healthy! And all is jut totally in style!! Perfect!!
    Hmmm, I can imagine it gives you a hard time that Scott would like to joing the army, but, yes, to boys it's different than to mums... Hope for you that he will think it over well and maybe decide on something else, also proudmaking, but less dangerous...
    My huge compliments for this table, dear Debbie!

    Hugs, Wendy

  3. Wow what a fab set up Scott & his friends would of had a blast
    Anne xx

  4. Fantastic, very cool and what a spread. Hope everyone had fun!

  5. Debbie the party looks amazing! Lucky Scott & friends. I love the ice cream bar idea, damn this healthy eating lol!

  6. What a 'cool' feast Debbie. I loved doing parties for my kids - I did everything but not as cool as your style though. Happy Days. Maria xxx

  7. Wow what a cool Mum you are to make all those matching goodie bags....love the cake and no wonder he did too!!

  8. wow! He is a lucky boy, bEt his friends think you are such a cool mum. That cake!! XX

  9. Great set up!! I bet he was well pleased.

  10. Wow! You have so many brilliant ideas and the talent to bring them to life. And with a young baby!

  11. This is amazing! I'm so glad you posted this because I've seen quite a few gorgeous birthday set ups for girls, but never thought that a little boys birthday could be set up in such a gorgeous manner! This is just gorgeous- what a lucky little boy!

  12. omg i am so stealing this idea for my son. He is also into anything army/soldiers/camouflage. He wii be 10 in October so atleast i will have a little time to get organised!

  13. Oh Debbie what a challenge - and you rose to it with your usual genius! What a fab party table - so many great ideas - Scott must have been really proud!

  14. Fab party table and yet again a misty moment xxx


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