Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Decorated Sugar Cookies - week 28 :)

Shopping list is Here.

This is the first time i have decorated cookies with the flooding technique and im quite pleased with how they turned out - i need more practice and I can see this becoming another obsession!! lol

Here goes....dont say i didnt warn you....I am on the slippery slope of cookie making and I'm taking you all with me.... lol

Cream together the sugar and butter.Add the egg and vanilla essence and continue to mix.Gradually add the baking powder and sieved flour and mix until a firm ball is formed. You may need to take it out of an electric mixer to finish this step.Roll it out onto a floured surface and using cookie cutters, cut your desired shapes.Lay on baking trays and bake in the oven at 170 degrees c for approx 15 minutes.Leave on the baking tray to cool slightly before moving to cooling racks.Once cooled completely make up your icing to a hard peak consistency and pipe a border around the edges of each cookie.Using the left over icing divide into dishes and colour as you wish. Gradually add a few drops of water at a time until you end up with a thick syrup like liquid. Decant this into a squeezy bottle ( i bought mine in a kitchen shop and it was labelled as a ketchup bottle) and fill in each of the sections, this is called 'flooding'. Push it gently if necessary towards the edge so it fills all of the gap.Leave to harden and then pop in a tin or canister, add a pretty homemade label and some ribbon and you have a cheap but effective gift :) (stamp is from Waltzing Mouse and you should see this months release! Ideal for Halloween cookies!)


  1. Mmmmmmmmm any chance of 1 with me cuppa they look fabulous Debbie
    Anne xx

  2. Cookies look great Debbie. Really pretty colours too.

  3. These are so cute, they look really ... vintage? I think is what I'm aiming at, like they belong in the 50's :) Pretty!

  4. Hi Debbie,

    Wow, these cookies are pretty!!! I love how you colored them, what a fabulous technique to decorate! Looks great! And how lovely you combined the baking with the stamping! That Waltzing Mouse label is perfect for this, hi hi, for medical use! Yes, three every day keeps the doctor away ;-)
    Thanks for sharing!

    Love, Wendy

  5. Wow, those are the yummiest looking sugar cookies I have ever seen! Love that you made up a jar for them, that stamp is fab! :)

  6. Don't these look PRETTY! I bought a lovely book on the subject a couple of years ago meaning to have a go but haven't got round to it - but trust you to be expert right from your first attempt! ;o)

  7. oh my, they're making my mouth water just thinking of them.

  8. You know when you see something so simple in idea but it makes you look and think "A-MAZING"...?!!! Well, that jar just looks FAB! I MUST get me one of those stamps!!
    Brilliant idea Debbie, thank you!!
    BH x
    (got the urge to bake now too hahaha!)

  9. great instructions thanks Debbie xxx

  10. Mmmm just made these. I think I could live on them. Thanks xXx


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