Sunday, 11 July 2010

Happy Sunday :)

So far at school this last week we have had an English Cafe, an Italian Cafe, Sports day and the summer fair. Next week is just as busy with trips and projects and shortly after that the boys break up for their summer holidays! Yayy!! (ok im saying yayy now but im sure at some point i will be checking off the days before they go back!) LOL
I got this fabby necklace from Avon of all places - i think it was only around £4.99 or something but i thought it was cute! It was only when i put it on i remembered my word for 2010!! BELIEVE!! I love it even more now! lol
I cant resist showing this pic, how cute is this teeny girl! This is her cosy up on the sofa - shes a real little doll and loves to be snuggled in properly before she goes to sleep! :)

Yesterday i spent the day at my mums, me and youngest sister turning up unexpectedly which was lovely :) My jaw ached from laughing so much and im so pleased we got to put the roof down on the car on the way home - im still brushing knots out of my hair though!! LOL


  1. love seeing pics of your baby girl, she is adorable.x

  2. Have a lovely busy week -- Evie is totally edible xx

  3. The last couple of weeks before the end of the year and before the chrismas holidays are always crazy and expensive at school lol! Gorgeous photo of Evie, I always get so broody when I see her beautiful little face! Love the necklace! :)

  4. The baby is so sweet and lovely. I remember those days well. BUT.....that boy is a serious cutie. He's going to break some hearts someday.

    = Suzanne


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