Thursday, 25 November 2010


Its at least 2 inches thick out there and although its stopped snowing, its laying so the kids are happy! lol Snowball fights and icy cold noses were what the boys enjoyed tonight...

Me?? Im busy wearing the most beautiful string of pearls whilst making fruit crumble. I watched Julie & Julia the other day and it rates up there as one of my favourite films. I think once I got over the tone of Meryl Streeps voice I enjoyed it a whole lot more! lol

Here is a simple card I have made for a friend. I used ribbons and pins from Ribbongirl, sentiment is a Clarity Stamp and the Angel image is Sugar Nellie :)


  1. Gorgeous card Debbie. I love that image. Jaqui x

  2. I hated the film purely because of Julia Childs mannerisms.
    But it did feature my fave book - the Larousse Gastronomique.
    I got my 1965 copy on ebay. Dont buy a modern one, they are utter crap. Hunt a 19-60-1970 version Debbie - you will love it.

  3. I am sitting here, after cleaning up from our Thanksgiving dinner, enjoying the warmth of our home. A little snow, and A LOT of cold!! It feels like early January here. Our first bout of sub zero temps. Lot of red cheeks and noses today, as my youngest went out to help shovel some snow we got over night. I actually loved the movie. I have watched it several times. I own it. My copy was given to me by my boss. I work for a tax office during our tax season (January to mid April). I prepare all the meals for them during this time, so they aren't living on junk food. Most work some really long days. The owner/my boss likes having home cooked meals during this time. At the end of the tax season last year, she gave everyone a gift and a bonus. The gift was fitting to something at work or going on in their life. Mine, of course, being the Julie&Julia movie.

    I love the card! I love the stamped image. The pins are a nice touch.

  4. I love that film too Debbie. If you search for Julia Childs on YouTube, you will see that Meryl has got her voice and mannerisms to a tee!
    Enoy your pearls! ;-)


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