Wednesday, 3 November 2010

How did you spend yours??

Halloween weekend that is??

Would you like to see what we got up to??

First there was the prep of getting it all set up...this of course included staging the props and boy were they scary! (dont worry, no Evies were hurt during the making of this party)After 2 weeks of prep, lots of costume changes and me and my sis baking until 3am on Sunday morning i have finally gathered the energy to download and share the piccies. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we had loads of trick or treaters at the door so it was cool opening the door in full dress to see the look on their faces! LOL

Im in love with my little spider top hat and will definately wear it again! lol Maybe without the spiderwebs drawn on my face in eyeliner! Special thanks to my little sis who stayed from Friday night to help with all the prep work :) I even think Evangeline enjoyed her very first Halloween party! The little hat didnt bother her a bit and she enjoyed being dressed up and centre of attention - she best get use to funny costumes as the boys love dress up and any reason for a party! lol
Scott almost drown during the apple bobbing but he was determined to get that apple! lol
Closely followed by Ethan (who was given a little help!) lol
The 'See who can make a mummy quickest' game - I have never seen Ethan stand so still, i really do think this was the biggest acomplishment of the night! lol
Under that loo roll is the cutest little vampire ever - how can you not love an almost 6 year old who can still fit in 3-5 year old outfits! lol
Look at those rosy cheeks, my gorgeous little niece Holly as a rather fetching witch wearing her Auntie Debbies make up :)
And then the food, although i forgot to take pictures of the savoury food i did remember to take pics of all the cupcakes! I made double batches of my own chocolate and vanilla cakes then we used the help of Lilly Vanilli A Vampire Ate my Cupcake book for designs - i love how they turned out and everyone was impressed (or at least pretended they were!!) lol

Vampire Bites.....
Eyeballs falling out of the sockets...
Graveyard (homemade gingerbread)...
Sweeny Todd Pies...
Not so scary were my fresh caramel cream Whoopie pies (the filling tastes just like those starbucks frapachinos) :)
So, what did you all do and can you post me links to you party pics, i want to see someone else look as silly as i do!! LOL


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous party . . .

    Those mummy cupcakes did make me giggle, and the Sweeny Todd cakes look suitably gruesome :-)!

    As for Evie and the spider, I'm sure I remember my Mum saying something along the lines of they are more frightened of you than you are of them . . . I'm sure if she met your spider that would change :-O!

  2. Well done - I can see a LOT of work went into that party! Love your spider web make-up!
    Your Sweeney Todd cupcakes are HORRIBLE!!! That's a compliment by the way.
    We did the making a mummy game too.
    Here's my link -

  3. Halloween is not a big thing here in Vienna. I had to instruct my neighbours a week early what to do when we ring the doorbell!
    My dd is not into scary yet. She liked being a cute littly kitty. Fine by me!!!!!

    Here is my link

  4. i want to come next year! Ive NEVER been to a halloween party!

  5. Wow looks like you all had a fantastic time. Love all the halloween costumes and the make a mummy was priceless. Jaqui x

  6. You make so much effort - such a good mum!! :) It is hard to believe our two will soon be 6 scarey!!! Take Care Lou x

  7. Cupcakes look fabulous Debbie... and Evie & boys look great as do you in all your costumes.
    I've been hosting a virtual cupcakes for cancer fund raiser on blog with giveaway if you would like to enter... hugs Tx


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