Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like....

....dare I even say the C word in November??!!

Its snowing! I dont just mean little snowflakes that melt on impact....I mean whopping flakes the size of a 50p that are laying on the ground!! None of this has gone unnoticed by the boys, I have so many finger marks on my windows its unreal and dont even get me started on the amount of cold drafts keep sneaking in as the boys whip open the door on the off chance of catching a freezing bit of ice!

I currently have 1 boy off school with cold, 1 hubby who is getting over man flu and a little girl who is all good and well during the day........then darkness hits and so does the nightmare! Last night she frightened the life out of us both as she couldnt get her breath, she has a cold and when shes lying down its obviously collecting in her throat! Needless to say not much sleep was had last night!

After yet another fun filled day Im just about to get settled down to watch Jimmys Factory and the Apprentice but for once in a very very long time im actually itching to do a layout!! EEK!! Whats a girl to do when she hasnt scrapped for months....would I even know where to start!!

Thank you so much for all the support and encouragement with all of my recipes during this past year... My new giant chocolate mocha cookies and my gingerbread and toffee cupcakes...
who could have guessed a year ago I would be writing a is manic but good!!

Love to you all


  1. Lots of good luck wishes to you x

  2. I could have guessed!! And I'm gonna demand that you SIGN my copy, okay, luv?! ;)
    Ps. Those look TOO tasty! I think my waist just expanded,just from looking too intesively...! ;)

  3. oooh those biscuits look delicious. Love the snow and my children are desperate for it to make its way down towards London. Best of luck with the book x

  4. Wow, those cupcakes look A-MAZE-ING! x

  5. mmm could justeat one of them cupcakes...!! just stick 1 in the post plz... lol.. good luck with your book and hope the kids get well soon... and i hsve loads of snow 2...

  6. Mmmmm those cookies and cupcakes look yummy! I am definitely buying your cookbook ;) Hope the kiddies get better soon :)

  7. fab news hun, will definitly be buying!

  8. The cookies look yummy....could you point me in the direction of the recipe for those, please? Thanks.

    Good luck with the book!


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