Monday, 11 July 2011

Cancer Research Charity Fair - Barmoor Castle.

Most of you who have read my blog already know i lost my dad to cancer not long ago (when i say not long, we are now talking years but some days it feels like yesterday) Miss you dad xxx

Each year the lovely residents of Barmoor Castle organise a fundraising event....and each year it gets bigger and bigger! They start the day before the fair building up all of the tents, gazebos, the get the idea! All of the ladies on the site bake like youve never seen before - no sooner is one pie or batch of cakes out of the oven then another is lined up ready to go in. There is the usual quiche, corned beef pie, bowls of salads, homemade coleslaws etc and what with an American lady on site too the table wouldnt be complete without refried beans - they go down a storm! Each year they have had a silent auction (where you go and bid on paper for what you want (this year there was everything from a slow cooker to a bike, beauty hampers and towers of Haribo sweets - bet you can tell which the boys wanted!) lol There was a raffle, of which they sold out of all 4 books - thats 4000 individual tickets we had to fold! The card and jewellery stall went down well as a lot of the ladies on the site have now been introduced to the world of crafts - im taking absolutely no responsibility and will leave that to mum *wink*

Besides singers who took turns to keep everyone moving, there was a quiz, entertainment and birds of prey for the youngsters to have their photographs taken with. Scott was completely taken with the owls and spent a while drawing them :)

I took my two oldest boys up with me to help out and they were complete angels all weekend, between keeping the younger children entertained and helping out bringing things around the site all night they really were a pair of stars :)
My little sis was unwell so unable to attend but it was a fab opportunity to see my gorgeous little nephew from our middle sis - isnt he just yummy and couldnt you just grab those cheeks!!

A fab night was had by all and everyone managed to raise over £3000 for a very worthwhile charity.
Thank you everyone involved for a fabulous night and see you next year :)


  1. Both boys are absolutely adorable! You are a doll too. :)
    Fab news on the amount of money raised. Cool pics!

  2. That sounds like fun.Great amount of money.Lesley x

  3. Fantastic fundraising for such a worth cause. xxx

  4. I have just found your blog and love it! I'm so sorry to hear about your dad, my boyfriend is fighting with cancer at the moment. The fundrasisng event sounds fantastic, I'm hoping to do some fundraisinfg myself soon. Keep up the good work!


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