Saturday, 16 July 2011

Upcoming projects...

I thought I would share pics of a couple of projects im currently working on. Cant wait to have them finished so I can start work on the dresser we currently have in the living room! lol

This first piece I saw each time I passed the charity shop near our home. I loved it from the get go and would have kicked myself if it had gone, but everytime we drove past it taunted me....I swear it was shouting 'Debbie buy me!!' HONEST!! ;)Im going to strip it all back and redo the woodwork in pale cream distress then repaint the blackboard section, hang little hooks from those sections in the bottom and add a couple of rub ons etc. I know just what its going to be used for and I cant wait to get the kitchen sorted so that it has a home!

This next piece was bought at a carboot sale, theres a new one opened up near where we live and there were only less than 10 cars there the first week but i managed to pick this up for 50p!! Its a little wonky, a little unloved but by the time im finished with it it will have a new lease of life and work really well as our in/out box!

Those my dears are my projects for this weekend - children and weather permitting of course! ;)


  1. These will look beautiful when they've been shown at bit of "Debbies love and care"
    I'm as excited as you as my MIL has kindly donated [well actually I saved as she was going to bin them] a gorgeous dresser and pine table and chairs - I get them next week and although I have a million and one things to do at the mo I'm going to do nothing for a couple of days but sand, paint and distress those beauties.
    Cant wait to see yours finsihed. xxx

  2. Great buys! I have that blackboard in white in my kitchen - it is from Ikea. Cant wait to see your makeover on it, as I keep looking at mine to see what I could do to jazz it up a bit!

  3. So cool it is gonna look fab!!!!
    any tips on distressing would be greatly received as i have a lovely little table that needs a makeover x
    Suzie Qx

  4. Well, the weather is certainly on your side to stay indoors Debbie; especially if it's anything like we have here.



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