Friday, 15 July 2011

Sports day 2011

I got burnt...I got really burnt!! I have watch strap marks and a lovely V where my tshirt neckline was! lol

This was the first year that Evie has actually been able to take part and although she didnt run any races (nope not even the toddler one) she loved running around the field! The open spaces meant she could just let go and run.....she loved it and I have to admit I am really enjoying this little princess, watching her grow and the way the boys interact with her is just amazing, they love her so much and she is really thriving from it all!

Ethan and Jake came first in the throwing competitions - can you tell what they enjoy doing in their spare time?! lol

It turned out to be a fabulous day with all the kids thoroughly enjoying themselves and all the mums and dads having a laugh between themselves over the parents and toddlers races....*sigh* happy days :)

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  1. She's such a dolly dimple! And oh, so lucky to have 4 wonderful big brothers to look after her.



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