Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sundays bargains!

Dont you just love it when you unintentially do something and you dont realise until someone points it out??!!

I managed to find both this bowl and candle stick at a local charity shop and it wasnt until Ben asked if i was now buying things in sets that i realised they were made for each other! How cute are these and boy didnt i need another standing bowl!! lol (Although wouldnt it look fab filled with sweets on a candy table and for only £2 for the bowl and 50p for the candle stick well i couldnt say no could I! ;)

Another bargain of the day were these gorgeous flowers £5 reduced to 75p - for that price they have brightened up my windowsill no end! :)

I also managed to pick up these two beautiful blue glass sundae glasses which i think would look fab holding those tall lollies on a candy table - £1.50 each!Have I told you about my love of TKMaxx (im sure I have?! ;) Well, depending on what the buyers bring in depends on how high my blood pressure gets and boy has it been off the charts lately!! Look at those, that huge glass will be the centre piece of a wedding project i have coming up - filled with pink champagne it will be just perfect and £11.99!! Well, I couldnt say no (I cant say no very often if you hadnt realised!) LOL That gorgeous HUGE GIGANTIC glass container will hold lots of momentoes of babies for an upcoming baby shower - either that or im really losing my marbles and concidering filling it with water and a pair of goldfish for a wedding table! (good job they had more than one in the store as i certainly wouldnt use the same one for sweets and fish!!) haha

Then of course theres something that cost me nothing but means a lot - it took an awful long time to think of all those things I love about Evie - everything from her nose to her toes, watching her grow and helping her down this path. I love the little pics which are from when she first met her Percil bunny - which is now conveniently called Percy thanks to Rosie! lol ;)


  1. Fabby bargains which will look even better when you fill them :)
    you KNOW I love this layout and DO intend to copy it ;) xxxx

  2. That is also use as a candle stand and sweets stand. I like this type of transparent plastic dishes collections. Very attractive.
    sex and addiction

  3. Hi Debbie, I`m not sure if you ever go to Northallerton but at Strikes Garden Centre I noticed quite a few of those sweetie jars if you needed anymore. They had different sizes between £15 and £20each. Dx


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