Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Weigh in Wednesday

Ok, so another of my resolutions is to lose weight!
Yes ive said it before...infact, yes, i say it every year!
This year I have so much happening that I really want to get into shape to enjoy - trip to Geneva with mum in March, Treking the Grand Canyon in October with little sis for Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity... to name just a couple!

I seriously can not imagine lugging round the extra weight im carrying and cant always pass it off as post baby fat - especially when Evie is coming up to 2!! lol

Today it all starts with my weigh in (im not divulging the actual amount as its THAT bad!!) However I will say I have a lot to lose and will use this as my weekly journal for keeping track of diet/exercise/done/not done and attitude towards it all (hopefully positive!) lol
I will be working out with Jillian Michaels on both the 30 day shred and the 6 week 6 packHowever.....I am aware she is a fitness expert and not a magician so im not expecting to end up looking like her within my deadline!! lol


  1. Go for 10% weigh loss first. Its the magic number when you start reaping the health benefits. Good luck, been there as I've lost 5 stone and have kept it off for nearly 13 years.

  2. Happy New Year and good luck!!
    I am also "going" to lose weight this year to feel better and be more healthy.

  3. Good luck with Jillian! She's tough!

  4. How u getting on with Jillian?? I'm thinking of enlisting her help too!! Xx


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