Thursday, 19 January 2012


I love a good yogurt - thick, creamy and full of fruit! (or my absolute favourite - hazelnut - which is super hard to find these days! )

I received a box this morning that indicated fresh produce and knowing i hadnt ordered anything, got rather excited at the thought of either a competition win or some new goodies to review for the blog!I WON A COMPETITON! Since my influx towards the latter half of last year its been a little dry on the winning front round here!
It turned out to be a selection of Rachels yogurts and a pat of their butter ( I didnt even know they did butter!!) Evie picked her favourite...then proceeded to build a tower!Mmmmm pass me a spoon!


  1. Congrats on your win and enjoy... and OMG.... how big is evie gettin now....can not believe how much she has grown... lol

  2. What a nice surprise to recieve a package of goodies that you'd won! :o)

  3. OOh I ADORE their rice pud :)


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