Sunday, 3 February 2013

Halllooooo and February Challenge!

Happy month of LOVE everyone!

Yes, its that time of year when the shops are over run with ladies buying sloppy poem filled cards, scented candles and meals for two..... and men buying fluffy hand cuffs!  Dont think i didnt see you today Mr 'if i sneak these in my basket no one will notice'! lol

February also marks the start of my new recipe challenge.  All you need to do is make one of the Tangy Lemon Cakes from Page 60 of my book and either upload to facebook or email me at with your entry and you could win some fabulous goodies!

2 miniature cooling racks
6 serving cupcake silicone mould
Bear Spatula
2 x cake sprinkles
Set of 3 heart cutters
Teddy bear chocolate mould
Teddy bear cake mould
Cooking with kids is always such fun but even better if they arent using all your precious kitchen goodies - what better way to get them involved than to give them their own little baking set!  Heck if you dont have little ones these are just way too cute not to use for yourself so give it a go anyway! still on the salad and when i shift 1 more lb i will have lost a stone in total!  Only 3 more to go!! eek!

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  1. Can I say that I love your book. I was going to give my copy to my daughter as a Christmas gift but I have decided that I will buy another and give it as an unbirthday present.


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