Friday, 4 June 2010

Cake and Cutie!!

You know my love of crafting and cakes.........well what better than a combination of both :) This is a look at the class i have designed for the retreat in Amsterdam. There is so much more to this than it seems....but thats a suprise!! :)

Look at this little girl, now weighing in at 9lb 3oz and 7 weeks old - eek where did that time go!! Its as though shes always been here and boy is she worshipped by her brothers! :)


  1. 7 weeks already, it just flies by doesn't it! Cake looks great, now I'm intrigued by the 'surprise' element :) xx

  2. How on earth do you manage to do all this?!! I love your handcrafted cake and swear it is edible. And your little princess is such an adorable little bundle. The grow up so fast when they are tiny.

  3. The project for your Amsterdam class looks amazing - Oh how I wish I was attending:)
    Little Evie gets more and more gorgeous.
    I showed Oscar a picture of his future wife and he pulled his cute little face that looks like he's saying oooooooooo.
    Take Care Honey and enjoy your weekend with the family.
    Big Hugs - Ju xxx

  4. Wow that cake is stunning!

    Aaaaw Evie is just such a cutie! wubs!


  5. Oh my goodness how gorgeous - Evie I mean..... or do I mean the cake..... no Evie! Well actually Debbie they are BOTH absolutely beautiful creations!

  6. That cake is wonderful - fancy doing the class at the scrapbook shop -I would love to be able to make roses!

    And Evie - well what can I say a true Princess

  7. YUMMY!!! The cake is awesome and the baby is sweet as can be, so beautiful.

  8. The cake looks amazing, please give us a tutorial! Wish I was going to Amsterdam!

  9. She is one gorgeous happy baby x

  10. She is one gorgeous happy baby x


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