Wednesday, 23 June 2010

First post as editor.... (even saying it makes me giddy!!) lol

I didnt realise a lot of people didnt even know about this magazine...It is so full of inspiration from the USA with more UK girls making appearances but you cant be in it if you dont submit, same with the new Crochet Trends so im giving a shout out. I really want to see these magazines be a huge success with lots of homegrown talent :)

Do you know someone who you think would be perfect to feature in either magazines? We are starting Crochet Trends from scratch so come on girls lets fill this magazine with what we all want to see!!

Issue one will be in the shops 21st July 2010...

Issue 2 will be 16th September and with the first of 3 trial issues of Crochet trends with it!

I will find out exactly where they will be available and post to let you know asap :)

email me debbie.nicholas(at) :)


  1. I bought one some time ago in WH Smith.....but have never seen it since....where are they available? Would love to get it.

  2. Jacky i know due to circumstances they were stopped a couple of months ago but ive just updated the post with the dates they are going to start coming out etc. I will find out where they will be on sale and post again :) Thanks for asking :) xxx

  3. Exciting times Debbie, must admit I've never seen a copy but that doesn't mean a lot I only go for stamping mags and even then not very often. I'll look out for a copy for the future, I can always do with learning a trick or technique or two.
    I hope you're going to have fun in your new post, Good Luck,xx

  4. oh my I adore this books, I get them every month! have filled my shelves with them :) so so excited about a crochet one, have been addicted to balls of yarn and hooks for a few months now!

    hugs m xx

  5. i seen this mag in WHsmiths around xmas time..but than i was more in to didn't buy it..and to be honest i thought the price of it was a little to much.
    But more in to sewing i might give it a im not buying the card making mags.
    so will defo look out for the mag around those dates..and good luck
    TFS Clare x Weekend Crafter x

  6. Oh my goodness Debbie - that's FAB! I managed to find about 3 handmade mags before they disappeared. Of course they are expensive but if they aren't published every month its not so bad. I'm delighted to hear about the crochet mag - I love crochet! Will definitely want to get my hands on it.

    Congratulations to you Debbie - as I've said before.... how on earth do you have time for everything Wonderwoman!

  7. This magazine is one of my new loves, we actually get it in a pretty timely manner in Australia! (rather than waiting 3mths like with scrapbook inspirations, or 2mths for scrapbooks etc)

    Congratulations on the new position!

  8. Congrats - I used to have a subscription - it's a nice mag!


  9. Congrats Debbie - very excited for you and your new venture!!

  10. I am glad you will be letting us know where we can get them, I have looked for simply handmade and never been able to find it, I have been thinking of getting the online version but it is nice to actually be able to hold the mag so maybe I will wait to see where they are available! :)

  11. Huge congrats to you Debbie and yes I did buy one copy and am aware of the issues surrounding the Cards and Trends mags.
    You must be so proud but you are one very accomplished Lady!!! :) :)

  12. I don't think I've seen this one. Some new mags on the market would be great. Will keep an eye out for your post on their distribution.

    I'd love to offer my crochetting services, lol, if you want an article about can any idiot crochet that is!

    ** Kate **

  13. Theres a Crochet Trends?? Oh I'm thrilled at that idea, I'd recommend Lucy at Attic24 to submit everything she does to that mag, her tutorials are just fantastic, her spring Wreath is my absolute favourite so far

  14. How super exciting for you! and I love this magazine!!! You are such an amazing and talented lady! and your newest little angel is a doll!

  15. I am so pleased for you Debbie and will be looking out for it. Have fun and enjoy Amsterdam,
    Rachael x

  16. Massive congratulations! Wishing you well in your new job! Don't know how you have the time for all the blogging & making you do, and now a job TOO!!! ;) Haven't seen this mag before here in th UK, will defo find a copy if i can. LOVe the new pics of Evie...such a cutie. :)

  17. I love these magazines and was so concerned when they disapered, hope they have the problems sorted. Can't wait for the crochet version! I would also recommend Lucy at Attic 24!- she is fantastic! xx

  18. OOh this is so exciting Debbie!! I bought an issue a while back and will keep an eye out for this in September - so thrilled for you! Kate x

  19. Love, love, love this mag and I've bought some in WHSmith and not seen it since. I loved it so much I subscribe to the online version (the USA version).

    I've just started crochet and just want to make little flowers really for my cards but boy, it takes practise !! Would love to see a mag on it.

    I'll keep an eye out for this magazine and would love to know who will be stocking it at the time.

    Many congrats too !

    Jo xx

  20. Congrats on your appointment! I'll definitely look out for the magazine with great interest!

    I'd like to nominate Gabrielle and her new venture The Green Gables for inclusion in Simply Handmade.. her creations with vintage fabrics are inspired! Gabrielle's shop is at and her blog is


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