Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Tealight Box Tutorial (fits 8) *picture heavy*

I really enjoyed working this out yesterday so ive done a step by step tutorial for you all. These tealights were from Primark and contain 16... ...so make 2 of these box tutorials and you have a couple of really nice thank you pressies for less than £1 each!

Cut a sheet of cardstock 7 3/4 inches x 9 3/4 inches
Place the cardstock so that you are first working on the 7 3/4 inch side. Score 1 inch in from the edge and then 3 inches from your first score mark.
Score 1 inch from the last score mark...
Score 3 inches from the last score mark...
Score 1 inch from the last score mark....you will be left with a 3/4 of an inch strip.
Turn the paper 90 degrees and score 1 inch in from both of the left and right sides.
Fold and make sure all these creases are solid.
Cut as shown below...i have folded the card so you can see which sides to cut.
You need to take away almost all of the 3/4 inch strip that was left over after we did all of the scoring. Leave a small section in the middle which is to be tucked into the back of the box to keep the lid secure.
On the opposite end you need to have a slot for this tab to be folded in to so mark where you need to cut by folding the box over and penciling either side of your tab.
Cut and remove.
On the lid section you need to mark and score a rectangle which is half the size of the lid and half the size of the side panel. Mark in pencil and cut carefully.
Cut out this section and pop double sided tape on the inside of this box around the window...
Because you now have a window you need to trim down the two sides that will otherwise show...
Cut your acetate half a cm larger than your window...
Score and fold securely so that this fold matches up with the side panel of your box...
Secure in place with the double sided tape...
Secure your now trimmed down side pieces.
Fold the sides into the box and fasten the tab into the slot. Fill with your tealights and then comes the best bit...
Decorate as you wish or make things a little easier by using patterned paper to start with!! lol Add co-ordinating embelishments, a sentiment and voila a cute little pressie for under £1! :)


  1. Great tutorial....many thanks.

  2. Really nice Debbie. Make great pressies for Teachers at the end of term.

    I had to look twice (still a little sleepy), thought they were decorated with smarties at first glance!

    How is Evie progressing? Time really flies by at this age, one minute they have just been born and you blink and they are starting to crawl!

  3. That's a lovely gift Debbie - thank you for giving us the tutorial, I'll be bookmarking this one.

  4. Love the colours on the box and great tutorial. xx

  5. Fab tutorial, will have to give this one a go :) xx

  6. great idea = will have to have a go at this one

  7. Hi Debbie great tutorial i am getting my "bored" son to have a go at this great box as soon as i get bits together! have a great day xx

  8. Thanks for the tutorial. Such a great idea.

    Poppy x

  9. What a fun idea! Thanks for the great tutorial.

  10. Wow.. thank you so much... This is a perfect thank you gift I have been looking for...

  11. Brilliant idea with a great tutorial. This is another one on my "to do" list!. x

  12. Fantastic wee pressie idea - thanks

    Suzy xx

  13. Wow yet another great tutorial, I must try this one.

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  15. Thanks for sharing your tutorial. I love the box and I think you could use it for so many things!! Thanks

  16. Hi!

    Wanted you to know that yesterday I posted a link on my blog to this tutorial.

    Nancy Ward


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