Thursday, 17 June 2010

First BBQ of 2010!!

Yep today is our first BBQ of the year! lol The sun is only just going from the garden now and its almost 9.15!! Oooh i really hope we have a lovely summer this year!

Thought i would share some pics i managed to grab of the boys and my hubby while Evie enjoyed her first open air dinner - ok so she didnt have anything but she watched us so that still counts! lol Oldest 2 kids hid when the camera came out so i dont have the full set today!

Ethan mid burger... lolJacob mid tomato! lol Evangeline watching everyone, slightly flushed having just woken up and covered by the blanket i made last year (still need to get on with a little pastel one for her) and finally my gorgeous hubby. :)*sigh*



  1. The summer months are magic..... so glad you are enjoying them:)
    What a very beautiful family you have, lots of hunky boys and a gorgeous baby girl you lucky lady :) xx

  2. Don't you just hate it when the family start running when you get the camera out! However the snaps you did manage are real good ones. Pretty blanket Debbie - a perfectly colour matched little lady!

  3. Lovely pics, looks so summery too. Also love the new look blog :) x

  4. Lovely photos Debbie and litle Evie is so like Stu xxx

  5. Gorgeous photos Debbie :) Love the new look blog. Thought I'd clicked on the wrong link for a minute :D xoxox

  6. Gorgeous gorgeous family xx


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