Thursday, 5 August 2010

Banana Frog Sale and something i thought would never happen...

Go check it out and save up to 70%!!

I know youre going to find this hard to believe but ive RUN OUT OF FLOUR!! I know!! I was shocked too...its a sad day today (well at least until i finish feeding Evie and make an emergency dash to the shops!!) ;)

Happy Thursday everyone - enjoy the sun, it seems to have made an appearance today :)

Bo bunny card Sunkissed collection.


  1. Hi Debbie,

    Ah, now I know where the sun is... it's with you! Ha ha! 'Cause it's definitely not here... Hope you'll enjoy it a lot., hi hi! And hope you have the chance to stop by the shop quickly then, 'cause I don't actually know you that long yet, but I already guess you can not do without flour for a very long time, hi hi!!
    What a very nice card you made here! Love the colors! And the colored blocks are really nice! Makes me see the sun, even though he's hide away very good! Thanks!!

    Hugs, Wendy

  2. I gfind it real hard to believe that you have used that whole tub of flour, lol. You best watch out for the withdrawal symptoms,lol.
    Suzanne x

  3. Wendy you make me smile, thank you friend :)

    Suzanne that flour tub only holds 4 packs of flour and i think ive gone through that twice over since that pic was taken! lol Its heaven being able to bake as much as i do and not have to worry about calories - the kids demolish everything before i even get a taste most of the time! lol

    Linda, Happy sunshine day to you too :)


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