Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Funnies and fancies :)

Me: Good boy for getting yourself dressed but your socks dont match son.Ethan: Yes they do, they match my shorts!!

Me: Good Answer! lol

I combined baking with paper playing yeaterday and came up with these cute little cupcake flags. Bo Bunny papers and Cosmo Cricket alpha words, a couple of punches, some toothpicks, glue and voila.....pretty cakes :)
Add some pale baby pink and mint dotted cookies and you have a cute little display until 5 boys (yep hubby too) demolish the lot!! lol

Good job i like this baking malarky!! ;)


  1. A boy with style love it. Your cakes look lovely, I wish I could make those hearts.

  2. I like Ethans thinking. WOnder if my Ethan will be like that, probably he's such a trickster.
    Those cupcakes look Yummo!

  3. bless him and it makes perfect sense LOL - I had a similar conversation with Harry, he was having trouble putting his shorts on as they were inside out - he turned to me and asked if i could put them outside in :) dont they put the biggest smile on your face everyday :)
    The cakes look gorgeous Hun.
    Hugs Ju xx

  4. oh he's very clever and the outfit looks fab. Don't suppose the cupcakes and cookies are postable? hehehe

  5. Wow, those socks DO go with the shorts, now I want a skirt, or something slightly more effeminate so I can wear odd socks without looking silly!

    Me thinks your sons just started a fashion craze!!

  6. What a guy!!! LOL I love it! In fact I know a boy he would get along famously with...my Jacob!

    You still amaze me with your amazing Super Woman talents! XxX

  7. LOL at your boys answer and he's right, they do match his shorts :) Great baking too, just aswell you took a pic before they vanished. Jaqui x

  8. awww bless him lol My little one like's to get himself dressed too and there's noooo chance of getting him to change what he's put on lol.

    Those cupcakes n cookies look sooo yummy. I love to bake to but like yourself they never last for very long.
    Hope your all well

  9. I like his thinking!

    Those heart cookies have my name on, making me some of those this weekend!

    BH x

  10. Ha ha, what a perfect dialogue!! Amd he's absolutely right, the socks really do match the pants!! Perfect choice!

    Love, Wendy


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