Friday, 6 August 2010

Box of memories...(and pretty bad recipes!)

This box is something that brings back a lot of memories for me. There are hundreds of cards inside, all numbered and categorised. I can remember spending hours mixing them all up and then having to sort them all out again!

This box was my mums but when they moved it got passed on to my sister. I always wondered where it went so when i asked my sis if she had seen it and she said it was in the back of her cupboard and wouldnt be used I jumped at the chance to take it! Im not sure i will be making many of the recipes though...Its like one of those tins of buttons you always had to get out Grans house. I love it and im going to restore it to a new glory....I cant give it a painted make over as the plastic housing is smashed so im thinking some pretty papers and new dividers, add some bling and hopefully i will be able to pass this box of memories on to my own daughter :)

Start as she means to go on.....Happy to be me t-shirt!! lol
(who by the way just gets cuter every day and is a thumb sucker!! I FINALLY HAVE A THUMB SUCKER!! Too cute!!) ;)

The winner of the Banana Frog giveaway is...


Congratulations!! I will pass your details on to Bev at BananaFrog :)

I have so many parcels here that need to be posted including all the goodies that were won last week so i will get them out to you all first thing Monday :)


  1. omg my parents had this set too. Not seen it since I was a kid though!

  2. I am so exciited!
    Please email me for my details.

    I remember that type of recipe box as well. Curious as to how you will improve upon it.
    I like your comparison to the tin of buttons we all played with.

    Thank you!

  3. OMG! My Mum had the very same box! wonder where hers went! Debx

  4. Oh Gosh I feel 21 but I did have that very set !! So could I be Mums to you all !! I know where mine went -- a Car Bootie years ago before Vintage became sought after!! I suppose that maybe I am worth a penny or two. I just love your pictures of Evie thanks for sharing them
    Kindeat Regards Linda

  5. Ooh now I feel really old!! I had thoseI even ha a crack in my box in the same place!! If I remember rightly I used to collect them on a weekly/monthly basis. I wonder what happened t them, I remember taking them with me when I got married but that's it

  6. omg - I had one of these cookery card sets when I was first married and can vaguely remember collecting the cards each month - I can even remember getting a free gift when I subscribed which as a porcelain rose (ooh memory becoming more vivid as I talk about this as it wasn't particulary nice) -funny thing is I can't remember what happended to the cards or the box!!??

  7. Funny reading this post today as we had one of these turn up the CS I work at this week. We all had great fun going through the recipes, the pictures are priceless on some of them:o) xx

  8. Beautiful pics Debbie - she's gorgeous! K x

  9. My Mum had one of those - Just looking at it made a really distinctive smell come back to me that I can't quite place - lind of plasticky - I think it was the coering on the recipes

  10. Wow! that box brings back memories for me.... My Mum had one too!
    I used to love going through it.
    She's not here now and I wonder where it went
    Happy times.....
    Thank you
    Lisa xx

  11. Awww she's so cute.

    My mum had those recipes too and gave them to my sister when we found them during a loft clear out. Her box was broken too x

  12. Debs, not shittin you but my has that and when I was a kid I used to marvel over those pictures and slurp over those recipe. They are so retro and unappetising nowadays but I especially loved the brandy snap picture but hated the look of that bloody awful upside down cake.


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