Saturday, 12 November 2011

Colmans Gravy Paste - review.

We are a meat and veg family - good old fashioned home cooking with stews and Sunday dinners etc....(could explain why i find it hard to lose weight but i digress!)

So, when i was asked if we would try the new Colmans gravy paste I thought why not? Now, im normally a Bisto girl through and through so was a little dubious about this. We tried it with our meal and although its a little thin if made up with the required amount of water, it was still delicious!! The smell is divine and almost as good as homemade (which i love but generally dont have the patience to make along with feeding the tribes!) so this definately gets the thumbs up from all of us here.

Plus the advert is a real hit with the boys and Evie!!
I have just bought the new Hairy Bikers Pie Cookbook so im going to try it out on one of those to see what its like with pie and chips Mmmmm - is that just a Northern thing?? lol

*Although this is a sponsored post all opinions expressed are my own and true*


  1. I too am an old fashioned meat and veg cook, in fact my family refer to my stews and casseroles as "Grim slop!" a tad unkind I think!

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  3. I find the advert kind of scary!


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