Wednesday, 2 November 2011

This competition bug...

I must admit to being a bit of an addict when it comes to checking my emails!! Even more so since i started entering competitions....
Look at my little dresser - its starting to buckle under the weight of my wins so far!! I am so happy and so freaked out at the same time - i find it unreal that out of so many people entering the competitions that my name gets pulled out at times!
Not included in the photograph are:

£250 gift card for Homesense/TK Maxx
3 day trip to Japan (eek roll on January 30th!)
Toys ive hidden away for the kids for Christmas including 2 giant hotwheels sets, books etc
Sweet things - ie fudge etc which were gone no sooner than they hit the mat! lol
Oral B Power toothbrush family set (1 mega kit and 2 kids electric toothbrushes & Toothpaste)
Salter Scales
Authentique scrapbook paper kit
Lots of days out tickets - ie Christmas show, Baby Show etc

Won so far for November:

Hexbug nano
Disoronno and Cocktail making kit
Cookery Book

Honestly im not showing off or bragging i just wanted to put a huge thank you out there into the universe as im sure someone is looking out for me right now and it is SO appreciated! (((hugs to all and im spreading the winning vibes and will be posting some of my own competitions on here soon - share and share alike! )))


  1. Debbie, thats fantastic, I have still only won the one !!!! I still keep trying though lol x

  2. xxx I'm your friendly neighbourhood stalker!!

  3. Please remember Debbie

    Good things happen to good people and you really are one of the very BEST


    Chrissie x

  4. Nice to see it all and the Japan trip sounds wonderful.

  5. Wow! You have been so lucky :) That is fantastic! But where do you find all the competitions to enter? xx

  6. I suffer the same addiction! Hope you have a great time in Japan. It sounds like an awesome adventure!

  7. Wow that's amazing! Can't believe you win so much lol :) I've only ever won one thing - although to be fair, it was probably the best thing I could ever have one - my wedding dress! It just came this week and I love it. Very jealous of the trip to Japan though!! Where do you find all these competitions? x


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