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Kenco Coffee Campaign - Glass Sculptures.

Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham have partnered with Kenco to award four communities across the UK with their very own giant animal, made from recycled glass. These were created to celebrate the launch of new-look Kenco jars, which save 900 tonnes of glass per year. For more details visit www.facebook.com/kenco

I was given the opportunity to ask them some questions for my blog and what I thought you might be interested in hearing :)

1. What’s the campaign you are doing for Kenco and why did you decide to get involved?

CHRIS: To celebrate Kenco's new-look slender-shaped jars, which save an amazing 900 tonnes of glass a year, Kenco commissioned four wonderful animal sculptures made from recycled glass. They were all in need of a permanent home, so were put up for ‘adoption’ and have been donated to four deserving communities across the UK.MICHAELA: When Chris and I were asked to join this celebratory event we jumped at the chance, not only due to our love of animals – be it glass or real – but also because we’re both passionate about rewarding deserving communities.CHRIS: It also touches on another interest of mine – art in public spaces.

2. If you could have something to nibble on with a cup of coffee what would it be?

MICHAELA: I love a croissant with my coffee.

CHRIS: and I love a flapjack with mine!

3. Are you a biscuit dunker?

CHRIS: Yes, definitely.

MICHAELA: Yes, but only with digestive biscuits.

4. Which is your favourite glass sculpture?

MICHAELA: I love them all but I think my favourite of the sculptures would have to be Lois the Crab – it’s a challenge to create a crab that looks really huggable and loveable; but the sculptor, Rebecca Newnham, has succeeded and Lois looks really friendly!

CHRIS: I think the favourite overall will be the Roberts penguin family because people seem to have an affinity for penguins. Personally, I think Lois the crab is great. She looks really impressive and imposing – and I’m much more interested in crustaceans than the usual cute and cuddly animals!

5. As I am obsessed with crafts, I would love to know if you do any crafting at all....paper crafts, knitting, glass sculpting?

MICHAELA: I’m not that crafty, I’m afraid, although I did used to go to a pottery cafĂ© when my son was younger and made a great mug with his hand print on the front. Chris is much more artistic than I am!

CHRIS: I’m really interested in art and public displays and exhibitions. I’m also making my family some artwork for their Christmas presents using leaves and bark from trees that I’ve collected.

6. Do you have a recycle tip for any of my blog readers out there?

MICHAELA: Make it as easy for yourself as possible – keep a separate bin for recycling so that you don’t need to think about it. I would also recommend keeping a wormery so that your uncooked peelings and leftovers can be turned into compost and used in your vegetable garden.

CHRIS: Be fanatical – if I know there’s a can in a rubbish bin that shouldn’t be there, I’ll empty the entire bin to get it out and put it in the recycling!

Giraffes to be made honorary Geordies

Animal aficionados Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham introduce glass giraffes Connie and Stan, donated by Kenco, to Ouseburn Farm

27th October 2011: Ouseburn Farm in Newcastle has been voted for by thousands of members of the public to win one of only four unique glass animal sculptures, created by Kenco to celebrate its new-look, less-glass jars. Nature-loving TV personalities Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham helped Kenco to scour the country for worthy winners and then presented the sculpture to Newcastle’s best-loved Farm on Thursday 27th October.

The sculptures, made from recycled glass were commissioned by Kenco and designed by artist Rebecca Newnham to celebrate the launch of their striking new-look jars, which save an impressive 900 tonnes of glass per year*. Connie and Stan are thrilled to have been permanently donated to the community to act as a reminder of the importance of reducing waste.

Ouseburn Farm was chosen as a finalist because Kenco’s expert panel felt the regeneration of the area, regular children’s visits and open space would prove a winning combination for the giraffes – and, when the shortlist was put to the public, the 1,274 votes proved that the nation agreed. The other worthy winners were West Meadows Primary School in Barnsley, PeBel Community Wildlife Garden in Wales and the South Lakes Wild Animal Park in Cumbria who won The Roberts family of penguins, Lois the crab and Pierre the snake respectively.

Mandy Oliver from Ouseburn Farm says “I am so thrilled that our farm won the giraffes, we know they will fit in perfectly. The community has been rallying locals and voting like mad over the last few weeks and we’re ecstatic to have been chosen. We will make sure they are well cared for in their new home – please do come and visit!”

Chris Packham said “I was really impressed with the volume and quality of entries from across the UK and was delighted to present the Farm their prize. I hope the local community will come along to see these beautiful creatures strutting their stuff in their new home!” Michaela agreed “I loved being involved in the search for a new home for the giraffes. I’m sure the stunning sculptures will be a great addition to the community – many of whom I enjoyed meeting at the prize giving!”

Steph Okell, Brand Manager for Kenco commented: “Our new Kenco jars have 7% less glass, compared to last year and we wanted to create these sculptures to act as a reminder of the importance of reducing waste, as well as celebrate our striking new look. Newcastle fought off stiff competition to win this coveted prize and it’s great to know that the giraffes are going to a safe and loving new home.”

Connie and Stan are enjoying their new home, living alongside the other animals and Connie would like to thank the public for taking the time to vote. For more information and to see the photos of the prize-giving, visit www.facebook.com/kenco.

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