Friday, 21 September 2012

Back in the kitchen!

For a while I stepped back and let hubby take the lead in the kitchen department...whether I was burnt out or simply too tired after doing everything else it made it easier to let him do dinners etc.   

Now Im back!! Mwahahahahhaa  

Ive found a new love of savoury meals and not just cupcakes and desserts!! Wohoo!

I made a delicous coating for a join of pork yesterday...

5tbsp Wild Forest Honey
2tbsp Dark Soy Sauce
1tbstp Jamaican Jerk Herbs
Mix together and brush onto pork crackling before cooking for 2 and a half hours - baste every 30 mins :)  MMmmmmm!!

Jacob is even embracing his adventurous side and asked for muscles in garlic sauce for tea!
We even have a little chilli plant on the windowsill to spice things up a little!
I can see a chilli con carne brewing soon!

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