Sunday, 16 September 2012

Being a tourist! Part 2 - A Food Lovers Dream!

After spending the night at my fabulously talented friends home (Marja thank you so much again!) we headed out to visit Hummingbird bakery...

Oh My...

The way all of the cupcakes were set out, the large glass dome stands holding brownies and the hugest woopie pies ive ever seen!  A cup of coffee and a raspberry (i ate the rasp from the top before i took a pic!), cheesecake brownie for me and a red velvet cupcake for Marja later and we were ready for our next stop...
 Primrose Bakery....(can you guess how the diet is going?)
The trays of cupcakes and a lot of indecisiveness later I settled on a coconut and lime and Marja on a chocolate cupcake :)  Happy bunnies, we sat outside on the bench and spent time chatting and putting the world to rights!
 Outside the Primrose Bakery...
We headed for lunch at Byrons (who are apparently taking the world by storm one burger at a time!)  I had burger with emmenthal cheese, salad and courgette fries....OH MY WORD...I dont know what the batter is on the fries but I swear Im going to try my best to duplicate it at home! lol
 After lunch we headed out to Borough Market where there was a complete selection of everything you could think.....hares (strung and also skinned - ive spared you the picture!)...
American sized pretzels - these were delicious even the morning after so i can only imaging how they tasted warm from the stall!
 Fresh fruit and vegetables in fabulous paper bags - take note supermarkets!!
 A mountain of spices and seeds from Spice Mountain! I will definitely be using this shop again - such a personal touch and the lovely lady behind the counter was so patient with us :)
 Many different kinds of breads...
...and oils...
 ...and cheeses!
 Including this Belper Knolle which looked just like truffle - Im sure it is delicious and maybe next time!
I bought some fresh beans and had some ground at Monmouth Coffee.  We also bought lattes to drink while we sat on the pavement and watch the world go by - it truly was a fabulous way to have a coffee and sitting in a stuffy cafe isnt going to cut it anymore! lol
 What better way to finish off a trip home than to see in the recently refurbished Kings Cross but the new Platform 9 3/4 station with a trolley stuck in the wall!!


  1. So glad you had such a great time in my part of the world, I think you saw as much in a couple of days as I have seen in years.. did you dare stand on the scales when you got back home!!! just think all the walking you did burns calories.

    Hugs Helena D,

  2. I only discovered Borough Market last month. Isn't it fab!!! Next time you go you should try the raclette. Ohh and the duck confit sandwiches....delish!


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