Monday, 10 September 2012


WTH!! Where did that come from??  September already!!

Apologies mum, Im updating now (she said if she logged on to read my blog once more and saw Maternity Swishing...well you dont want to know but my sunday name was used!) ;) 

I have been SO busy this past month!  Finishing up edits for the book, entering and winning comps - I have been so lucky! Prepping for a trip to London, getting the kids through the holidays and all back to school last monday as well as trying to create new recipies etc :)

I have to say a huge thank you to the Universe as ive won so much this past month including...

Nintendo 3DS & Supermario game
Maliboutique box of goodies
3 books
A trip to a vintage tea party at a publishing house with the author in London
A framed butterfly picture (£495!!)
A spa day having Hammam treatment
£150 of Spa vouchers for a different spa
£250 personal shopping experience
Mobile Phone
Crystal Bangle
2 Johnsons face wash
Drink bottle
Limited edition Fuel Britannia tin
Imperial leather body wash
Book and interactive soft toy
Bouquet of flowers
Shambala Earrings
20.12 Euros (£17.46)
£1000 from Capital One and....

2 Flights to RIO!! 

All the edits are done and sent back to the publishers so everything is still on track for October!! :)
The kids have had a fabulous 6 weeks holiday with trips here there and everywhere! 
New cupcakes made include raspberry, coconut and chocolate (all 3 in one not 3 different ones - yumm!!)
Not too much baking done as ive joined Weight Watchers and so far lost 5lb!  Long may it continue! LOL 


  1. Wow Debbie, don't know how you do you ever sleep??!! congrats.too on all your wins..are you going to share your secret with us on how to win comps.
    Great to have you back though.

    Lovely pictures too.

    Hugs, Helena D.

  2. You are so lucky, I only win about one a month and they are only small prizes, although in March i did have one huge prize. Sometimes I feel like giving up but you have inspired me to carry on!
    The raspberry, coconut & chocolate cupcakes look & sound delicious x


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