Saturday, 15 September 2012

Being a tourist! Part 1 - Wednesday :)

The tourist in me bought a map...
The list maker in me made lists of where i would go and what i would do...
The child in me bought stickers to show where i had been...
The realist in me hopped on a open top bus and chilled while I sat back and saw EVERYTHING! lol 

I even did the whole....'Would you mind taking a picture of me posing like a billy no mates?'
I loved all of the remnants of the Olympics and Paralympics that were still around - really wish I could have made it during the games!
 Picadilly Square - one day I really hope to go to New York and these screens always give me a little tingle of anticipation at the prospect!
Of course, no visit to London would be complete without a photograph of Big Ben :)
 The whole reason for my trip to London was to meet up with the author of a new book to be released in October.  The meeting was at Little, Brown publishing house (housed within this fabulous 'flagged' building!) for a vintage tea party and book reading.
The Vintage Teacup Club is about three ladies who bond over a tea set they find at a car boot sale.  This book struck so many chords with me since they scour shops and sales for tea sets (...get this..the party one of the ladies is planning - Alice in Wonderland!) How cool - remember the baby shower i created last year?!

One of the ladies, Alison, creates homemade goodies including teacup candles and aspires to have a fabulous cafe with shabby chic bits for sale and cupcakes and oh my lord its me!! lol   So much like me that when I met the editor she signed my book... 

Dear Debbie/Ali
Lovely to meet the inspiration for Alison - you ARE here!
I look forward to seeing your cookbook - sounds wonderful.  
Keep me posted!

How Cool is that!

Tomorrow - Being a tourist! Part 2 - A Food Lovers Dream!

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