Friday, 26 July 2013

Center Parcs July Challenge - A Childs Nature Checklist!

As you know, Center Parc villages are set in acre upon acre of natural landscape and they each village has their own team of Conservation Rangers to look after all of the flora and fauna!

One of the most popular activities the Conservation Rangers run for families staying at Center Parcs is the Rangers Ramble. One of our experts leads families through the forest, helping them spot and learn about animals and plants in the forest.

This month’s challenge is all about nature and helping your kids to learn more by getting to know the animals and plants that surround them every day. By taking part in this month’s challenge you could be in with a chance of becoming a Center Parcs Family Blogger.

With that in mind we set out to discover our surroundings - we have lived here almost 6 years and still havent been on a lot of the country walks close to home!  Now that we have Nina thought things are changing!

We noted down the items we were meant to find for the challenge but the kids were getting disheartened when we couldnt find one mummy to the rescue quickly kept eagle eyes open and shouted out what they should find as i saw it first! lol  

 Snails hiding....
 A long haired animal! lol
 Hungry bugs! 
 ...lots of bugs in the water! 
 A snake - its ok we didnt find that one!! lol
 Pretty flowers...

We will definitely be creating more check lists while we are out, it kept the kids entertained and amused for ages ...  we walked twice as far as usual which is even better! 

This is my entry into this month’s  Tots100 and Center Parcs July challenge. 

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