Monday, 8 July 2013

Vistaprint Business Cards! Blogger Style!

I have been wanting some 'blog' business cards for a while now.  

Ever since attending a book launch last year where there were other bloggers handing out their cards!  I still have them and made a mental note to get my act together to promote my blog outside of online promotion.

It was so easy to create bespoke business cards with Vistaprint and I loved the fact I could add photographs to the one I chose.  I have a lots of pictures to chose from and wear many hats so to have just one photograph on a card wouldnt have told of the many things I do.  This way there is something for crafting, baking and my book too!   

You can choose what information to include and what you want to share - heck theres even a space on the back for my avatar picture and 'ask me about sponsorship' section! 

Vistaprint have top tips for creating the perfect business card... 

Pietro Pagani, Creative Manager at Vistaprint, shares his top five tips...

1. Include obvious information like your address, phone numbers, email and website, but also think about including a logo, a corporate message or motto, to make it unique.
2. The reverse side is a good place to offer something a bit different, such as a photo, image, map or calendar. 
3. Your business card reflects the credibility of your business so the design is important. Keep it relevant and simple.
4. Position the information to ensure it doesn’t get lost or look a mess. It's important to communicate who you are and what you do straight away. If you do use colours, make sure these match or complement any colours you may have in other promotional materials. 
5. If all this sounds like too much, simply choose a design from our gallery and customise it! We’re all professional graphic designers here, so you can rest assured you’ll be receiving a top quality, professional design that is sure to stand out from the crowd.

Here is the official press release from Vistaprint...

Small business owners missing a trick as research reveals importance of networking
- 56 per cent of Brits would be more inclined to use a service from someone they have met face-to-face
- 38 per cent of people say a business lead can come off more than three months later

A recent poll by, the UK’s leading business card specialist has revealed that consumers prefer personal contact through networking, however small business owners aren't clued up on its benefits with 12 per cent not even knowing what networking is. 

More than 26 per cent of small business owners aren’t currently networking because they don’t think it’s relevant to them, however results from the  survey show that 56 per cent of Brits would be more inclined to use or recommend a service from someone who they have met face-to-face.

More than 54 per cent of small business owners believe they are good with people, yet 20 per cent say that having the confidence to approach a new person face-to-face is their biggest barrier when networking. 

Networking doesn´t always have to be such a scary prospect and business leads can often simply come from friendly social situations. Some of the more surprising places small business owners have sniffed out business leads include local recycling centres, the scene of a traffic accident, on a flight or even at the hairdressers, proving networking is something that can be done anywhere and anytime.

Sanjay Lobo, Vice President Marketing at said: “36 per cent of small business owners say drumming up new business is the least favourite part of their job, but simple networking is an effective way to gain new business and is just about having the right tools and building relationships.”

Handing out business cards for example, can be an effective networking tool, with more than 56 per cent of small business owners using them. Consumers often refer back to business cards for contact details with 56 per cent of the public saving them in a drawer or on the fridge for a later date. More than 38 per cent of business owners said some leads from giving out a business card have even been known to come off more than six months later.

A business card is not only an effective networking tool, but a professional and attractive one has swayed more than 58 per cent of people to choose one particular service over another. has a range of professionally designed business cards available which can be easily customised to give each business its own unique personality.

To view the entire range of thousands of Vistaprint business cards start creating your own, visit,


*I was not paid for this blog post, all opinions are my own.  Vistaprint gifted me the business cards free of charge but this in no way influences my opinions*


  1. Enjoy! I did blog cards two years ago -- on Vistaprint -- and they're great. I did them for a blog conference, but now use them all the time to keep in touch with new acquaintances.

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