Monday, 15 July 2013

Summer Days!

Another day, another visit to the beach!  

This time though we took Nina! 

Ive never known a dog be so scared of the water!

 She went as far as Evie then turned and ran back, we were sitting a couple of feet behind but she still wouldnt leave our side! lol

Evie as ever was enjoying herself and loves nothing more than throwing stones into the water - i swear if she could have been in there perfecting her mermaid style she would have!

 Nina looks like she had a good day non the less and im sure the freedom and space of the beach was a little intimidating as she sat beside us on her lead most of the time.  Other dogs were splashing in the water and wandering round - she didnt even flicker! lol
Evangeline has developed a little winning streak (i think shes taken mine as im not winning anything at the minute!) 

She won a giant colouring set with a Tiny Pop colouring competition...
and a summer buggy parasol with Clair de Lune...she doesnt have a buggy anymore but we needed one for the chair in the garden as shes a little monster for keeping her sun hat on - this way shes still covered and its her own little shaded chair!  


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