Friday, 5 July 2013

Money Supermarket Retail Royalty Charity Challenge

When Money Supermarket announced their  Retail Royalty Charity Challenge i knew it was something I should take part in! #retailroyaltychallenge

I read the rules and waited for the pennies to download - £30 in total to get as much as we could for our chosen charity.

While I was waiting we were deciding on which charity to support and decided upon our local Stray Aid at Coxhoe.  

As hubby had the day off work we went to visit and see what they needed most...this way we werent just buying bits that would sit unused.

As we walked in all of the staff looked cheerful and asked if they could help.  I explained we just wanted to look around etc and they said no one was allowed to see the dogs etc as they just all barked and no one got a good impression.  What a fabulous thing to do!! I would never have thought of this as ive always associated stray homes with masses and masses of 'barking' dogs all vying for attention, all yelling 'pick me pick me!!' 

They pointed out a board which housed all of the dogs pictures and said they had a dog in the office that was so withdrawn and nervous that she was staying in their with them as she couldnt handle being in the kennels. 

 This is when Nina came into our lives!

Head down and tail between her legs she drooled non stop and shook.  Apparently she had been neglected, bred from and left outside all her life so had no social skills etc and was on medication for anxiety :(   One look at her little face and we knew we were doing more than donating to a charity.

Nina came home with us that day. *heart*

She is starting to come out of her shell, is a complete softy with the kids and cats and is just so full of love that its really hard to understand how anyone could treat something so beautiful so awful :(   Nina now has a lovely home with a family that love her lots and we got so much more out of this charity challenge than we ever thought going into it!

We took Nina back today to visit the staff at Stray Aid along with all of the goodies we bought for the challenge and the staff were so happy with how she looks 'wow shes putting on weight already' ... 'i cant believe how well she looks' :)  

 I managed to get in total 114 items for the challenge £30 budget.

30 sachets of cat food
3 boxes of dog treats
3 play balls
4 double food and water bowls
10 treat bones (5 packs of 2)

and because there is always washing and cleaning to do in the kennels etc
4 bottles of dishwashing liquid
20 scrubbing pads
40 pairs of rubber gloves (2 boxes of 20)
(all watched over by Nina to make sure we stuck to the rules!) 
We also took the rest of the Wagg dog food and Tesco tinned food we had for Nina as we have now moved her onto a better food to build her up :)

Thank you MoneySuperMarket - you have given us so much more than we ever thought we would get from this challenge! 


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  1. What a wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am looking forward to reading more about your growing family


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