Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Evies new blanket!

I can knit, I can crochet, put a batch of fabrics in front of me and i can make something out of it......but ask me to make a quilt where it requires lots of pieces of fabric the same size then I hope youre ready for a laugh!!

I cant cut patterns to save my life (yes even squares!!)  So when my Mother In Law (Sue) started making on her sewing machine I was hoping we would be the lucky recipients of said gorgeousness!

I neednt have worried, Sue is a dab hand at sewing and this is her first attempt at quilting! Isnt it fab!!   I love the fact its backed with spotty fabric and its not too light coloured either which means Evie can take it with her in the car etc and we dont have to worry about little hands being spotless!

After coming down to visit us yesterday we spent most of the morning in the garden chatting about everything and anything.  We hung the blanket on the washing line to have the beautiful summer sky backdrop and i managed to get some great close up shots! 

Thank you so much Sue it truly is beautiful! 



  1. Its absolutely stunning!
    Julie xxxxx

  2. It is beautiful, I am sure Evie will treasure it. your mum-in-law really should continue with quilts for all of you. As a quilter myself I can assure you it is a very satisfying hobby.. and it doesn't matter if you cannot cut, there are tools for doing that!!!!!


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