Monday, 24 November 2008

Buttons galore!!

ADDED:- Ive just finished bagging up my bunting and i think it looks ok - what do you think??I have just watched the best film i have seen in a while -August Rush! Its such a heart warming adorable film that its now on my Christmas list. I recommend it to anyone out there who wants a sweet, everything you wish for, dreams can come true kind of film :)

While i sat watching it i pinned all these buttons onto my Christmas star. It didnt take too long concidering how many buttons and pins were used (no, i didnt count!) LOL


  1. I love the star Debbie, very clever way of storing buttons LOL.

    love and blessings

  2. wow! love the button star x
    You really need a blog shop hun :)
    go on.........ya know ya want too!!!!
    X claire

  3. That looks so great, the star is gorgeous !!! and the one holding it looks very sweet ; )
    I must look into that movie, it sounds great. I do hope we can watch it in The Netherlands though.
    Have a great day !!

  4. I love the bunting and the star! fantastic!x

  5. Hi Debbie

    The bunting looks wonderful, and I love the packaging tops as well...very glamorous :0)



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