Thursday, 13 November 2008

Good job i like this card making malarky!!

Couldnt think what else to call this one as my eyes are going card shaped!! If it wasnt for my complete LOVE of My Minds Eye papers today may have panned out a little less productive! lol These papers practically jump on the cards themselves, they are far too cute and i may just have to keep them all for myself! :) As for the threading water punch - well, love isnt a strong enough word! lol
I have just ordered a 4ft cream tree to hang all the sewn hearts and Christmas cones on for the fair - afterwards im guessing it will shabby up the living room even more than a green one would ... (shabby chic method in my madness!) ;) I have also made these little clippy signs - they have a bulldog clip at the bottom of each to keep essentials nearby - dog lead, homework, socks, photographs, shopping lists etc etc......
The boys have spent tonight adding more things to their Christmas list and i think they are struggling this year to even think of new things to have! Usually theres one thing that every kid must have this time of year but this year there just doesnt seem to be anything specific - are you on the hunt for the must have toy of the year?? If so enlighten me to what it is please as the kids are no help! LOL


  1. Love your cards and the christmas stockings!

  2. I want to come to your christmas fair - you have gorgeous things :)
    Can I just ask when you make the hearts - where do you leave the gap for stitching up?? I can't decide where is best - and do you hand finish or machine oversew? sorry for all the questions xx

  3. You make such beautiful things, am gonna follow your blog if thats ok, wish I could come to your craft fair would spend a small fortune, do you sell your things on the web ?

  4. Lovely stuff, the cards are lush and those little hearts are so cute.
    Now I will have to follow your blog
    June x

  5. HI
    Just came across your blog whilst bloghopping and I wanted to say Ithink your card's are georgeous. I thinks I'll be back to haunt you on a regular basis (if that's ok lol)


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