Saturday, 22 November 2008

A little birdhouse in your soul....

I have had that song going round in my head since i saw this cute little project! Thank you so much to Nichole Heady for the template - i am going to make a load of these little birdhouses and pop them on my cream tree for Christmas :) (this isnt finished off properly as i just wanted a quick go to see if it was simple to do - it is simple and Nichole is a genius!)

Edited to add:- I just finished some more for my tree - these are addictive! LOL


  1. Absolutely lovely .... just had a quick look on Nichole's page ... saw the wedding favours bit which I am sending on to Dolly Dollop!

  2. Thanks for giving the link. My daughter has her birthday in about two weeeks and her wish is to have a lot of birdhouses. Mmm do you happen to know a blog with time supplies as well? ;-)

  3. They are gorgeous.
    I'm going to have a looksie for myself.
    As if I needed any more projects!

  4. Aren't they fab - we made them at our weekend away in Sept - very cute :)


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