Monday, 10 November 2008

Rain Dear??

No actually honey its quite sunny today but i have been rather busy with these little ddes! ;) Bags of reindeer food which i make up each year. The boys love sprinkling it on the lawn on Christmas eve so i have made a huge basket full this year for us to hand out too :)
I am almost finished my Christmas shopping and the rest is being left for a full day at the Metrocentre - i mean, get there for opening time and leave when it closes - can you tell i love Christmas!! :D
A few more cards for the stall :)Went shopping and trying on new clothes with little sis yesterday and if anyone buys the jewel blue military style coat i have my eye on in River Island before i do i will scream - can you believe they only have 1 in my size, arggghhhhh!!


  1. Ohooo I love your idea for the reindeer food, Please tell me what they like to eat :) My Children would love that, and what lovely words, I am hoping to make up some candle bags with sand and a little tea light to light up our little garden X

  2. I made that reindeer food last year with the kids from church and they loved it :)

  3. Debbie, I so enjoy reading your posts and seeing your incredible creations!

    I have a surprise for YOU on my blog, so please check it out! Blessings, Becky G.


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