Friday, 5 December 2008

Busy week!

Such a busy week what with my mum being here and crafting for the fair this afternoon. Im off shortly but couldnt leave this blog untouched again - im under threat of losing limbs if i dont update!! LOL *love you really girls*

Here are a few more bits i have done along with some pics of the boys playing in the snow (yes i said snow - we have had masses of the stuff - and theres more talk about winter being bad this year!!)


  1. The packages are gorgeous and that snow... wow.... I wish we had that over here !!
    Have a wonderful day !!

  2. Hiya - can't pm you thru the site. Please pm me or email me thru my blog - I'm happy to help out if I can, it's hugely unfair you've got the rotten pms with all you've done and I want to help. Big hugs, Caroline x

  3. The packaging is great. As for the snow, well I would love a white Christmas.
    With Smiles


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