Sunday, 28 December 2008

Me and my coat...

ok this coat has been spoken about a lot so i thought it best to share a pic! My lovely dh and littlest sis conspired to hide this away from me for Christmas (bearing in mind dh cant keep a secret to save his life i think he did well!) :D Its kind of bold and the colour is really bright compared to my usual greys and blacks but i love it so much!

I have sorted out my exercise dvds and bought a padlock for the fridge (not really but some serious willpower will be needed) as im going to try and shift all the excess weight by the end of March! That gives me 3 months to lose about 2+ stone - not sure about posting before and after update pics etc but if i manage to take one without making me look like a weeble i will do :D
Im hoping that the couple of things that are lined up will keep me too busy to eat - i will share what they are as soon as i get the ok from those involved but until then my lips are sealed! ;)


  1. Cute, cute coat!!

    Good luck on the exercise and eating!!!

  2. The coat is just your colour, goes perfect with 'you' !!!!

  3. Good luck, you can do it! Year before last I started Weight Watchers in the January and had lost a stone and a half by the March, then went on to lose another stone by the June.

  4. I'll join you losing weight - when the kids go back to school I have about 8 weeks til my wedding(yikes!!)
    Fab coat x


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