Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Sweet, sweet things...

I feel at home when im in the kitchen! I mean, once i put that apron on its like adding a pair of underpants to the outside of your outfit, slapping a big S on your chest and feeling invincible! LOL No one can burst my little bubble once im in the kitchen :) I dont know if its the smells or the hands on feeling of making things from scratch and watching them transform from raw ingredients into something that (sometimes) resembles what its meant to end up looking like! :)

Hands up - i cant make meringue! I tried again yesterday and i dont know if its just because i hate my gas oven (ive always used electric until this house!) or if im just one of those people who will never master this angelic desert! Please say someone has a foolproof way of making it out there - give me a shout and save my sanity please :D

Heres what i made yesterday - peanut butter and chocolate cups, then fresh cranberry and lemon scones :)Todays mission is cranberry and white chocolate cookies, lemon sponge cake, peanut brittle and chocolate/chestnut cups. Yumm!!

OOhhh does anyone know where i can buy cooking lavender and roses from? Ive tried searching but have come up with very little option and would love to knowif someone out there has sourced some they rely on.


  1. Yum .....all looks delicious.
    I use lavender in biscuits in the summer just straight out of my garden - don't know if you can buy specially for cooking....sorry!!!

  2. If the cranberry and white choc biccies are from Nigella, I highly reccomend.
    Made up a few batches for christmas pressies and I wasn't the only one to think they were delicious!
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  3. oh I now need to don my apron and get baking!!! everything looks delish :-)
    Lesley x

  4. Everything looks yummy - after a day clearing clutter it's making me want to bake lol!


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