Friday, 26 December 2008

Merry Christmas :)

Merry Christmas to everyone! We had a really relaxed day yesterday with little sis staying here overnight. Me and said sis woke at 6.30am and proceeded to wake all of the kids and make hubby run downstairs to see if Santa had been.....HE HAD!! :D Obviously the boys and of course me and dh were good this year aswe were left lots of pressies! I got my very much coveted coat from River Island, La Senza pjs, books, sweets, lots of travel stuff (journal, countdown clock etc) and we were all really spoilt! I even forgot to ge the camera out while the boys opened pressies!

We stayed in pjs all day and just chilled, ate, watched tv, ate, played games, ate some more and fell asleep really late while watching Wanted (Angelina Jolie....fab!)
Today was spent at my other sisters where we were all spoilt yet again by said sister and my mum! We have eaten all day long and played lots of Wii games etc. I got a beautiful pj and dressing gown set from my mum, a new fuzzy hot water bottle, special sister candle, Katie Perry CD and lots more fab stuff and we all have money to spend in the sales too!! Wohooo!!
Ive hardly seen the boys as they had their heads burried in their games systems today - so cute!! (can you also tell who got a tattoo maker from Santa) :)

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