Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Years Eve...

Cant believe its New Years Eve already, it seems as though its been ages since it was Christmas! For some strange reason this year i just cant wait to get all of the decorations down and get back to normal!
Ive blitzed the kitchen today after another baking session yesterday - i made cranberry and white chocolate cookies and another big batch of rocky road. Diet starts tomorrow......erm ok then, Monday at the latest!! LOL
Thank you to my lovely hubby who has made my new banner - its taken from the new website which is really starting to take shape!! :D


  1. I do like the new banner - can't wait for the website!!!
    Send some of those cookies my way before Monday arrives and the diet starts :-)
    (ive taken all my dec's down ! such a killjoy I am :-) )
    Happy New Year!
    Lesley x

  2. Love the banner! Those cookies look divine. I made Nigella's Christmas Rocky Road (minus the cherries) and it was HEAVENLY, I know exactly why you made a second batch. My jeans are all too tight but I'm only starting sensible eating after next week. Gotta ease into the new year, right?

  3. Hi Debbie - Happy New Year! - I have been baking today too - Jamie Olivers Turkey and Sweet Leek Pie (using leftover turkey) and Jam tarts with the leftover pastry - Natalie x P.S - love your new coat, the colour suits you


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