Monday, 29 December 2008

What do you do??

What do you do in these days between Christmas and New Year?? Its kind of a no mans land isnt it - do you stay in pjs? Do you spend all day at the sales? Do you not move from the sofa overloading on sugar from your Christmas sweets? What do you do?? Can you tell im lost today LOL
Ive spent the day uploading goodies to my Folksy store and sourcing out new craft fairs. DH has popped into town to pick up some bits so i can make a start on some baking this afternoon! The kids are playing on their video games and its really quiet here - Christmas tiredness kicking in i think :)

My littlest boy turned 4 just before Christmas and i cant believe how grown up he looks - boy does he have the 'ive been here before' attitude too! :) He was trying to see around me to watch tv so i got a half smile and a look that said 'out of the way' LOL


  1. WOW - What gorgeous tags, bunting and butterflies....

    I spend the days between Christmas and NY tidying - sounds sad but keeps me occupied, gives DD something to occupy her time other than the TV and OH gets to sit with his feet up lol!!

    We did have a few days away this year and the cabin was beautiful - have never done it before but will definately do it again....

    Have a great New Year

  2. I know how you feel. I'm off on my hols on Sunday and I have a week to spare. DS is not in nursery as it's closed and I'm really quite bored and struggling to entertain him with no money to spare. Your butterflies are stunning, whats the address of your etsy shop?


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